Dating is an exciting past-time that can create enjoyable moments and great memories. However, it can also be expensive, especially if you are going on frequent dates and want to try out different activities each time. But don't fret, creating a fun date doesn't have to cost you the world. Here are five date ideas that are full of fun while avoiding the awkward 'who is going to pay?' moment, that most daters dread.

Get a culture fix

If you live near a major city, then chances are you will be in close proximity to some great cultural activities that are sure to stimulate some sexy intellectual appeal between you and your date. Visiting a gallery, museum or exhibition is great way to connect with a potential new partner as it gives you a shared experience and something to talk about and discuss later on. The good news is that most galleries are free to visit or come with a small entrance fee.

If you live near a major city, then chances are you will be in close proximity to some great cultural activities that are sure to stimulate some sexy intellectual appeal between you and your date.

Fancy something a little different? Then why not look up a local art school that offers drop-in life drawing classes for you and your date to attend. Not only is drawing a live naked model a sure way to generate some great conversations between you both, it offers you the chance to compare each others' masterpieces at the end of the class. If you want something a bit more exclusive, why not suggest that you organise a private life drawing session with just the two of you on your next date and take turns drawing each other.

Get sporty

If you and your date share a common interest in keeping fit, then why not suggest taking part in an activity that you'll both enjoy. Whether it's a leisurely run in the park, a city bike ride or an energetic game of indoor squash, choose an activity where you are both on a fairly similar level of competence to ensure that neither of you feel embarrassed or inadequate.

Be sure to make the activity fun and don't be too competitive as you don't want to put your date off. Keep conversation flowing throughout the activity, and once you have finished, why not suggest continuing the date with a healthy juice to re-hydrate.

Be big kids

Everybody loves the park. Fact. Whether you are 4 years old or 40 years old, swinging high with your legs in the air or sliding down the big dipper can give you emotions of happiness and contentment that make you feel good inside. Get to know your date as you sway back and forth on your seat and you will be sure to instantly get a feel for how fun they are by how many rides they want to go on! Make the date even more fun by taking along a home-made picnic so that once you have had enough of the see-saws and roundabouts you can find a nice secluded patch of grass to enjoy drinks and nibbles whilst further getting to know each other.

Eat early

If you are keen to go out for dinner with your date and want a nice setting without the high prices, consider the time of day in which you book in order to get some great savings. Many restaurants have an early-bird or pre-theatre menu which is normally priced very reasonably; so perhaps, suggest meeting your date straight from the office so that you can take advantage of these great offers while still enjoying a delicious and romantic meal.

There are also many websites nowadays offering discounts on restaurants, bars and cafes, so don't be shy about printing off a voucher and taking it with you on your date - chances are that your date will have been thinking of doing the exact same thing!

Create your own cinema at home

Going to the movies can be really fun and is a perfect traditional date where you can be in close proximity to your date allowing for lots of hand holding and knee-touching action. If you are looking for a more intimate and infinitely cheaper option, why not arrange a movie night in your own home and invite your date over. Give your date a few movie choices to choose from in advance, which are available for you to download and they will appreciate how considerate you are by letting them choose their favourite from the selection.

Make sure you have tidied up the house before your date arrives in order to create a relaxing atmosphere and light some candles in the room to add an air of romance. Impress your date with some home-made popcorn or ice-cream and dim the lights before you start the film. As the film progresses, take every opportunity to get closer to your date. If the date is going particularly well then chances are you won't even make it to watching more than the first 30 minutes of the film!