Sleeping over at your partner's house can be exciting and nerve-wrecking, especially if it's the first time. Whether it's actually just sleeping or this is the first time you two will be intimate, here are a few essentials that will help you feel comfy at his place without taking too much space in your bag.

Pack the basics

Afte a night of partying and more, there is nothing attractive about morning breath, smudged eyeliner and patchy make-up marks . Packing a toothbrush, deodorant and a few beauty products will have you not only smelling great the next morning but will guarantee you look and feel fresh from the night before.

Have a hair plan

It may sound trivial but knowing what to do with your hair the next morning can make your morning routine the next day that much more simpler. Whether you decide to have your hair straightened or in a messy bun, make sure to bring a straightener, hair tie and hair brush.

Bring comfortable shoes

No matter how comfortable those sexy pair of heels are, it may not be the best choice the morning after. Bringing a pair of flat shoes are not only comfortable but are the perfect solution when you are unsure if you're going to end up going for breakfast or wind up at a farmer's market with your partner the next morning.

An extra pair of knickers

When it comes to looking sexy the night before your prettiest and delicate pair will work but shouldn't be reused the next morning. For maximum comfort, a clean pair of knickers is not only essential but it reassures you that after a fun night you're not stuck with yesterday's reminder.

When it comes to looking sexy the night before your prettiest and delicate pair will work but shouldn't be reused the next morning.

Phone charger

Nothing worse than waking up in the morning to a dead phone after a fun night out. If you are unsure the type of phone your partner has, you should prepare to bring your own charger just in case anything were to happen. Maybe you're not going home right away or you need to make an important phone call, make sure you have a charged phone before you step out.

Feminine wipes

These pre-moistened wipes not only help you feel fresh before and after sex, but are a great stand-in when having a shower is not an option.

Pack condoms

Even if you are not planning on sleeping together that night, never assume that your partner has condoms if you have a change of mind. For your own reassurance and comfort, pack a condom or three and you'll be happy once you're getting hot and heavy.

Comfy clothes

In some cases, wearing what you had the night before is not an issue but if you decide that you want to wear something new the next morning, make sure to pack a set of comfy clothes to wear. Whether it's a cotton t-shirt or your favourite denim jeans, choose something that will have you feeling comfortable and confident.

Bring extra money

Whether you've decided to have an intimate night in or a thrilling night out with your partner, having spare cash for a cab or an emergency is not only necessary but is essential.