Use your touch to build lovemaking and enhance the passion...

It starts with a light as a feather kiss at the ankle, and then up the legs, slowly, kissing as you go, tracing your lips around the top of the thighs, tummy, running your hands lightly all over, then gently pushing the legs apart. The build-up can be thrilling. You can enjoy your lover’s body to the full with anticipation at its height.

Start gently and increase the speed and intensity. Some people like it fast, some slow, some are super-sensitive and others need stimulation such as Durex Ultimate Pleasure, a premium toy that offers intensified vibrations and pleasure. Or Durex Sensual Bliss brings powerful vibrating sensations to share with your partner. Ask them what they like and follow their body language. If they push their hips towards you, it’s likely they’re enjoying the experience.

Feel pleasure building

Start lightly and bring your hands into play too. Stimulate the G-spot and feel pleasure building. With such an intimate act, your partner will be more confident if they know you’re excited too.

Add lubricate with Durex Play Vibrations for a bright, zingy sensation. Not only will it help your hands glide over you both more easily, but it can also add to the thrill.