Learn the art of seduction to keep the passion in your relationship burning.

Ensuring that feeling of ardour remains powerful between the two of you is about the slow-burning passion that comes when you’re close. So follow these ways to seduce your lover.

Make a date

Put aside time for the two of you, and take it in turns to choose where to go. Pick a regular night and enjoy a delicious meal, take in a show, or simply go for a walk in the park together. And remember – it’s better to have a monthly date night you always stick to than a weekly one that you don't.

Listen to each other

Make time for your partner, and pay attention to what they say. People change and grow over time, and it's only by listening to each other that you'll feel close. Continue to discover shared interests and passions.

Spend time apart

Ensure you catch up with friends – and have time alone – to keep the romance with your partner fresh and your feelings alive.

Random romance

Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries are great times for you as a couple, but you can do little things day-to-day to make someone feel special. Leave a small love letter on the pillow when you go to work. Or cook your partner's favourite meal, and pay them a compliment.

Take a trip together

Spend time with just the two of you on a weekend away, staying in the kind of hotel that has everything you need. And don’t forget to pack the Durex Play Pure Fantasy Vibrator and Durex Massage 2-in-1 lube for an arousing experience.


Doing what your partner likes simply because they like it can be the most romantic option of all. Sharing brings you closer, and you can explore your passion with Durex. For sensual warming, cooling sensation to her intimate areas try Durex Climax Stimulating Gel to intensify her pleasure.