Understand the particulars of the penis!

Knowing how your man’s body works will positively increase your ability to gain sexual pleasure. Most men start to explore their intimate parts from a young age and continue to do so throughout their adult life and this is a great way for him to learn how his body works and what kind of stimulation gives him pleasurable sensations. A more academic study of the complex details of the penis will help you and your partner, find even more ways to excite and stimulate him.

There are parts of the male genitals that are extremely delicate and need to be handled with care whilst other areas, such as the shaft of the penis, can manage a more firm grip. Knowing exactly what kind of attention you should give to each part of this intimate area will help you and your partner skyrocket your way to more explosive sex and endless orgasms!

Sensational shaft

The main length of the penis is the shaft. When a man is sexually aroused, the shaft becomes erect as a result of blood rushing to this part of the body. The shaft is less sensitive than the head of the penis and therefore can be handled more firmly during sexual activity, although all men differ and some men find it is more sensitive than others. Approach with a gentle grip to start with and see how firmly your partner likes to be touched in this area.

It’s very common for men to be hung up about the length of the shaft, worrying that it is ‘too short’. Ironically, penis size is usually something than men are much more concerned about than women, and remember – it’s not about the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean!

Gentle hands on the glans

The most sensitive part, the glans, is the head of the penis. As well as the shaft, the glans swells during arousal and darkens in colour. It’s a great area to focus on to give intense sensations and maximum pleasure to your partner, but it needs a much more gentle touch than the shaft can handle. The size of the glans differs in all men, so condoms that are tailored to suit his natural shape are perfect.

Penis size is usually something than men are much more concerned about than women.

The edge around the bottom of the glans is called the coronal ridge. Stroking or tracing your tongue along this will give him an ultra-sensitive tingling feeling. Another part of the glans which is super-sensitive is the frenulum; the ‘string’ that runs from the head to the shaft – attend to this in the same way!

Facilitating foreskin

The foreskin covers the head of the penis when the penis is flaccid. It protects the sensitive glans and also helps the penis to self-lubricate. Some men have their foreskin removed for medical or religious reasons and as such, you’ll find that using a lubricant such as Durex Play Perfect Glide during sexual activity is necessary.

Eureka urethra

Running from the bladder to the tip of the penis is the urethra, the tube through which ejaculate shoots during orgasm. It is an extremely sensitive area, but for some men, the tip of the urethral opening feels great when stimulated. Gently tapping the tip with your tongue will give your partner intense sensations, but for some this can be far too intense, so approach with care!

It’s amazing to learn the facts about what’s down there; many men don’t know the mechanics of their manhood! Knowing how everything works will ensure an even better sexual experience for you and your partner. Why not explore together and ask your man to show you what feels great for him?