Be intimate and close with Durex toys and your imagination

When you’re apart, everything from the memory of your lover’s smell to the imagined heat of their body next to yours can inspire craving. Imagination is the playground of desire, after all, and the key to arousal.

Use Skype or FaceTime to simulate touch and contact. Your aching for one another will build into a sexual experience that’s powerful and erotic.


Discuss how you miss one another, and what you’d like to see your partner do. Build anticipation by going into as much detail as you can, making your partner feel good about their body and their ability to arouse you.

Don’t rush

Linger over straps, buttons and buckles as you undress. Tell them how your body feels as you slowly remove items. As they undress, describe your favourite parts of their body and tell them how their naked skin makes you feel.

Introduce toys to build longing and redoubled desire.

Make sure you can hear one another breathe, sigh and moan gently. If you know your partner loves it when you make a particular noise in bed, recreate it.

Introduce some toys

These will build longing and redoubled desire. Trail smooth, curved Durex Teasing Touch across your skin, ensuring your partner can see your movements to explore and tantalise.

Instruct one another

Tell your partner how you’d like to see the toys used, where and how. You can apply the curved velvet touch of Durex Sensual Bliss across your partner’s body, using its powerful massage vibrations to take sensual pleasures even further.

Tell one another when to take toys away or move them, leaving each other wanting more. Be open to exploring new techniques and ways of touching yourself. Take it in turns to lead and be led and enjoy the experience of heightened pleasure.