Enjoy time together throughout the year...

Recreate that sensual holiday sensation at any time. Set your alarm because testosterone is secreted during sleep, and men and women both produce certain quantities of the sex hormone, so you’re likely to feel aroused when you wake up. If you’re short on time, then shower together.

Paying lip service

Cuddle and caress your partner. Show each other that you find each other desirable by kissing too. There’s no better way to maintain sexual connection and attraction. We have over 10,000 nerve endings in the average person’s lips – more than the clitoris – so make use of them!

There's no better way to maintain sexual connection and attraction than kissing.

Bedtime stories

Reading great erotic fiction doesn’t begin and end with 50 Shades. Classics like Delta Of Venus and Histoire D’Ocan revolutionise your intimate life, but look good enough for you to read on the bus. Enjoy a book before bed, at lunchtime or on the way to work and see your levels of desire raised. It gives you inspiration to enjoy your partner’s body.

If you don’t want others to see what you’re reading, embrace the Kindle. It means you can download erotica, and if you find a book you love, take it away with you and read it out loud.

A special outfit

If you’re going away or you have a big event on the horizon, you’ll want a great dress or new shirt. It’s the chance to improve your shopping list with the bedroom in mind. You might choose lingerie, and Durex Play Perfect Glide, an intensely silky lube. Or there’s stimulating Durex Climax Stimulating Gel for a shared discovery of hidden pleasures. Unwrap these on arrival, and then unwrap each other.