Use your hands to rediscover your partner’s body, touching and heightening pleasure.

Rediscover your partner’s body and enhance the intimacy of your bond. Touch them and watch and listen to the way they respond. You can have incredible interaction through just touch, slowly building with the focus on your partner at the same time.

Sense the way your partner moves as you move your hand all over their body. Start by stroking. Use one hand across the thighs and the stomach, and then caress the rest of the body. The only way to discover what your partner likes is by asking, and listening to breath and watching as you touch. Intimate lubricants for couples such as Durex lubricants are a great way to enhance sensation.

Touch and stimulate

Touch doesn’t just have to mean foreplay. You can explore and understand your partner’s body, showing that you love doing it. Get pleasure from giving pleasure. If you come first, touching and stimulating is a great way to make sure they feel as good as you do.

Cup the area between your partner’s legs and gently rock your hand; you can stimulate all over and intensify pleasure. Gentle, steady stimulation will help you both become more aroused. Slide a finger inside the woman – start with one and ask her when she’s ready for more. Swirl your fingertips in ever-decreasing circles, and touch all around. Use Durex Climax Stimulating Gel to heighten your partner’s sensitivity and arousal.