Share different approaches and toys with your partner to enhance your passion

Keep surprising each other, and your passion will stay aflame. Pamper your partner with love letters and flowers just to make them smile. Compliment them. Buy them something special and exercise together to move in time as one. 

You can also dress up and look great with underwear that will make you feel and look fabulous. Regular grooming will help, and you’ll want to show it off and share it with your partner. Go to bed at a different time to bring greater arousal, and try a new toy, like Durex Real Pleasure, streamlined for pleasure and heightened sensation for you and your partner.

Express desire

Take a different role in your relationship and desire will flourish. A passionate relationship is making sure that you both express desire, so see each other in a new light and you could make some exciting discoveries. Share what you both enjoy, whether it’s an erotic fiction or film.

Sometimes, surprisingly, you need to put yourself first to draw your lover nearer. Show them that you can do things without them, and they will want you more. Experiment with toys such as elegantly designed Durex Ultimate Pleasure with different sensual patterns for maximum enjoyment.

Kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do; it comes with the first frisson of attraction. But, above all, you’re best showing emotional closeness and honesty. Being kind and thoughtful is sometimes the most arousing thing you can bring to your relationship.