Try out some techniques that will make time with your partner extra-special.

Exploring while you're alone can add to your lovemaking, inspiring you to try new things with your partner. So whether it's a long hot bath or an hour to yourself, discover new sensations to enhance those moments together.

Added sensation for women

Durex Play Stimulating Massage Gel give added sensation with a tingly buzz or extra heat. Rub yourself with slower strokes, or focus on a different area. Your body will feel like an ocean as waves of sensation ripple from below the surface. Using broader strokes around the tip of your clitoris rather than stimulating it directly to enhance climax.

A vibrating toy such as Durex Endless Touch gives a quivering buzz. Begin by touching yourself gently, and press it against sensitive areas. Test what feels best. The softly curved Durex Play Pure Fantasy is designed to help you discover hidden pleasures – the vibrations run right through you. Setting it to a 'pulse' speed will automatically vary the buzz, so you can build slowly

The thrilling sensations develop, giving you a stronger arousal.

Intensity for men

A longer, more intense session means added pleasure, so make sure you've got a great-quality lube. Durex Play Perfect Glide, designed to given an intense, sensual experience, is great to add when you need to.

Begin by testing new strokes and techniques. The 'up and down' motion can be combined with light stroking with just a few fingers, focusing on the underside of the head. Gently twist or use short, gentle strokes across the ridge. Taking your time will open you to new sensations. When you're with a partner you’ll appreciate the gentlest touch.

The thrilling sensations from using Durex Play Vibrations Ultra Pleasure Ring develop as it gently squeezes the penis, giving a powerful arousal. You can also use the buzzing vibe on the underside of the head to stimulate in away your fingers can't. Bring yourself to arousal then pause – and repeat as many times as you’re able! This means you can enjoy the peaks of pleasure, before ending in a way that’s all the more intense.