It’s almost that time of the year to release the stress of the year and usher in the New Year in style. Between finding the perfect outfit and plotting your midnight kiss, your night of fun is full of endless possibilities. Why not celebrate the New Year with someone new?

A brief night of passion can be a great way to bring in the New Year. Here is a guide on how to enjoy your one night stand without any regrets:

Be honest with yourself

Before you go home with someone after a night of partying and drinking, consider whether you are sober enough to make a clear, rational decision. Just because it’s a fling and expectations are low, doesn’t mean you won’t end up getting hurt.

Not every sex encounter has to mean something emotionally, but you don’t want to leave there feeling heartbroken, or worse, regretful. If you’re unsure about a situation or a person’s feelings, make sure the two of you are clear and upfront about your intentions before anything goes on.

Not every sex encounter has to mean something emotionally, but you don’t want to leave there feeling heartbroken, or worse, regretful.

Be upfront

If you’re not looking for anything serious, make sure to say so. Believe it or not, most people are not looking for just sex. Don’t assume because you met in a club and are leaving together that he only wants a one-night stand.

Communicate with each other

Want to be dominated? Spanked? Indulge your wild side. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner things that help turn you on, whether that’s dirty talk or trying new sex positions. One night stands can be great for sexual experimentation as long as you and your partner are on the same page. However, don’t do anything out of your comfort zone, if it’s not been discussed ahead of time.

Be prepared

Disappearing off with someone you just met can be risky. Before you leave for the night, be sure to tell your friends exactly where you’re going and make sure to have a charged phone. Thinking of spending the night? Make sure to have emergency money, condoms, clean underwear and a toothbrush just in case.

Protect yourself

Before you dive in, remember to wrap it up. Failing to protect your body and health should never be a compromise you’re willing to take for a night of fun. Using a condom not only prevents you from an unwanted pregnancy and STI’s, but it allows you to enjoy all night protection. Designed to give you and your partner peace of mind without sacrificing comfort, try Durex condoms.

The exit

Before you leave the bar with that cutie, make sure you have an exit plan. No matter how wonderful they appear, there is no guarantee you will feel the same the next day. Will they be heading home with you? Or will you spend the night at theirs? If you are worried about the awkward goodbyes the morning after, avoid spending the night at their place.

The morning after

Don’t sneak off without saying goodbye, even if you had the time of your life. You may feel awkward the next morning but you don’t want to make the other person feel used. However, if you brought them back to your place, make sure to let them know about your early morning plans the next day. Making up a lame excuse about why they have to leave is not only rude but can make for an uncomfortable experience for you both.