Putting on a condom can be a truly exciting and passionate moment, so make the most of it.

Slipping on a condom can be an exciting part of lovemaking, so take your time. Involve your partner by turning what could be a momentary pause into part of a loving experience.

Keep the arousal steady and the intensity high. Don't stop stroking, kissing, and communicating. Squeeze light and silky Durex Play Sensual lube or Durex Play Soothing with its special ingredient to heighten sensation, Place it onto the condom before sliding it gently but firmly down the shaft, creating a soft, luxurious sensation. If this feels good, try dabbing a slick of lube on to your lips and guide the condom on with your mouth, pouting your lips to push it into place. Just be careful not to use your teeth, in case you tear it.

Keep the arousal steady and the intensity high.

Teasingly stroke

You can make the condom the most intense moment by squeezing a few drops of Durex flavoured lubes designed to sweeten contact. Place Durex Play Strawberry on to your tongue before running it up and down his spine. When he can't stand it any more, grab a condom and make eye contact whilst you slowly and teasingly stroke it on to him with your hands.

Give your lover a signal that you're ready by applying the condom on to him with your mouth and hands whilst he keeps up his intensity – watch again that you don’t tear with your teeth. Or give it to him and touch yourself as you tell him that you're ready.