During sex, it often takes women a little longer to become fully aroused and experience an orgasm than men. Understandably this can create problems in the bedroom … but it doesn’t have to.

If you want to enjoy better sex with your partner then why not try these top five sex positions which are designed to delay his arousal and help him last longer so that you can both be mutually satisfied.

Engaging in plenty of foreplay and spicing things up with sex games can help too by ensuring your intimate time together is relaxed, exciting and enjoyable but the following positions are designed to prolong his pleasure, and yours.

Sex games can help too by ensuring your intimate time together is relaxed

1. cross

A little trickier to get into, this position requires your fella to lay on his side facing you while you are on your back with your legs draped over his pelvis and perpendicular to his body.

Once you’re both comfortable, allow your bloke to penetrate you by opening your legs and pressing yourself against him. The beauty of this position is that the penetration is a little deeper than in spooning – enhancing pleasure for you both – but as your man is on his side he will have limited motion and won’t be able to get too carried away.

2. spooning

This position requires you to both lay on your side, facing the same direction. With your man behind you, allow him to penetrate you gently and enjoy slow rocking motions and grinding as your bodies merge together.

As this position only involves shallow penetration he is likely to last much longer, as he won’t be overstimulated, while the slower motions can feel great for both of you. He can also wrap his arms around you to enhance feelings of intimacy which are vital for great sex. Consider using a Durex Teasing Touch Multi-functional Stroker at the same time for heightened pleasure and stimulation.

3. doggy

If your partner is a big fan of doggy style but gets him too excited too quickly then a simple modification can put things right.

Start in the usual doggy position where you are crouched on your hands and knees with your lover knelt behind you. Allow him to penetrate you from behind and then slowly lower your body until you are laying on your stomach completely flat.

Your bloke should follow your movements to avoid losing penetration and can either lay on top of you (with his tummy on your back) or hold himself slightly upright on his knees. This will reduce the amount of stimulation he feels to help him last longer whilst still giving you both all the thrills associate with this position.

4. sitting

Another new one you might want to try, this involves your man sitting crossed leg with you straddling him on top. Wrap your legs around his back and link your arms round his neck to enhance the feelings of control and intimacy before enjoying gentle rocking motions.

This position is good for a long session because it is slow, full of passion and offers the chance for deep satisfying penetration without the risk of overly excited thrusting that could lead to early climax.

5. on top

Finally, if you want to be in ultimate control of your lovemaking then it’s time to get on top! Men love this position because of the deep penetration and sexy viewpoint them get but as you’re the one in the business seat you can determine how fast things move along.

To prolong the ecstasy and help your man last longer, lean forward whilst in position and rest on your elbows. This will increase the chance of him hitting your G spot but reduce aggressive thrusts that penetrate deeply while also giving you more chance to kiss and enjoy other types of intimacy.