Bringing a new twist to old positions

Most couples only have sex in three different sex positions, which can sometimes lead to getting in a rut. These simple tricks will help you bring new life into your old favourite positions. Who knows, a small change could be enough to inspire more acrobatic experimentation too.

Change location

Even missionary style sex can feel a lot more adventurous if you're doing it on the kitchen table - and different furniture puts your bodies in different positions so you'll hit different hot spots: exploration made easy.

Use pillows

Place them under the woman's hips or buttocks during missionary-style sex to deepen penetration; underneath her chest during doggie style sex to give her more stability to push back from; or use them under the man's hips during woman on top sex to help him aim for the G-spot.

Use a prop

This can then be used to pull her down as she grinds, giving her more clitoral stimulation against the man's pubic mound, and increasing the depth of penetration.

Try new thrusting patterns

Try three long thrusts and three shallow ones, or ten teasing ones then five deep ones. Experiment with different rhythms to see which works for you.

Take a look in the mirror

No matter what the position, being able to look each other, and yourself in the eye while you get it on can be hot. And of course, you can tailor the position to give yourselves the most graphic view.

Experiment with different rhythms to see which works for you.

Get wetter

Pour lube all over your lover's body before you start having sex, then see just how wet they can get you too...

Blindfold each other

Being unable to see what's coming next can add a sexy thrill for the blindfolded partner. Take it in turns so you can both experience the different sensation.

Play with a cock ring

It keeps a man's erection stronger for longer and can help the woman come more easily if she's into vibrations.

Explore with a vibrator

This is particularly easy in doggie style sex and can help make it much easier for the woman to climax in that position.