Prepping your partner for action can be just as fun as the main event. It takes practice and confidence but condoms can add a playful and sexy dimension to lovemaking; all you need with your partner is a positive attitude and a dash of creativity. Here are 4 sexy ways to put on a condom that will leave him wanting more.


Add some spice

Before you put on a condom, make sure you've got it facing the right side-up. The reservoir tip of the condom should be facing upwards with the rim of the condom flaring out and in a position to roll downward. Squeeze a few drops of tingling lube inside the condom for an even pleasurable experience. The sensation of the condom with the lube will have you and your partner wanting more. Remember to not overdo it as too much lube can cause the condom to slip off.



Try something

Men are very visual creatures and seeing you put on a condom without your hands will turn him on even more. Start by adding a bit of lube onto your lips with your fingers and gently place the tip of the condom into your mouth, with the outside of the tip resting on your tongue as your purse your lips to hold it steady. Then wrap your mouth around his penis as you guide the condom into position. When done in a deliberately slow manner with a ton of eye contact, putting on the condom can be exciting for you both.

Take control

Instead of having your partner put the condom on by himself, tell him to use your hands instead. Let him unwrap the condom, place it in your hands and guide you towards his penis. When you have the base of the condom position on the head of his penis, slowly roll the sides down for an exciting tease. 


Keep the pace

Too much stop and go action in the bed can not only be tiring, but can be a buzz kill for him. Since guys need a steady form of arousal to keep an erection, make sure to have condoms easily accessible during foreplay. Having condoms easily accessible is very helpful, but that doesn't mean you have to rush the process of putting one on. As things begin to get hot and heavy, without breaking contact; slip a condom over his penis, making sure to never stop or slow down your pace.