Get protected and don't lose the moment!


Wearing a condom is an important part of safe sex, but for some couples the act of preparing yourself for the big event can seem like a bit of a mood killer. If you struggle to see the sexy side of staying safe, then these tips are just what you need!


1.   Do it together

Putting on a condom doesn’t have to be a one person job and you can actually enhance the pleasure you both feel by taking a combined approach. Both men and women love the sensual feeling of delicate stroking and touching downstairs so why not rub your hands over each other and get things nice and steamy.


When it comes to putting on the condom, one of you will need to take the lead and this will generally mean guiding the other person’s hand as they slowly stretch the condom over the penis. Your man is sure to go mad with anticipation. Why not grab a box of Durex condoms to make it feel slightly different each time and keep the spark alive between the two of you?


2.   Make it seamless

Contrary to popular belief, putting on a condom can actually enhance pleasure during sex, rather than getting in the way of it! Why not use it as the first part of sexual intercourse itself?


Start by putting the condom on your man by hand and ensuring it is secure in place, and then let your body finish the job by mounting him gently. Make sure that this is not rushed in order to ensure the condom is put on correctly. Dotted and ribbed condoms enhance feeling for her when putting them on in this way.

Putting on a condom can actually enhance pleasure during sex...

3.   Put your mouth in motion

Spice up your sex life even more by making it part of foreplay with your partner. Incorporate the act into oral play to really get your man geared up for the main event! Try using flavoured condoms or using a Durex fruity flavoured lube with your condom of choice to make the act even more delicious!


Hold the condom in your mouth, with the teat facing inwards. Then put your mouth at the head of his penis and roll the condom down his shaft with your lips. Ensure its securely in place with your hands.


4.   Maintain the mood with your eyes

Whether you’re putting a condom on yourself ready for sex or your partner is seductively doing the job for you, add fireworks by always maintaining eye contact between the two of you.


A sultry stare says a thousand sexy words, so let your eyes do the talking whilst you slide on a condom. The exchanged glances will build the tension between you even more, meaning that once the condom is secure you’ll both be fired up and ready for sex.


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5.   Talk it through

Don’t underestimate the power of being a little vocal. Turn putting on a condom into a seductive act by describing to your partner exactly what you’re doing. Whilst you roll the condom down his shaft, tell him how much you love handling his member.


If you’re unsure how to put a condom on, learn on the job by asking your man to talk you through the process whilst you do it!


No matter whether you put a condom on yourself or get your partner to do it for you as part of your foreplay it is important that you do it right.


Learn the basics and ensure you always hold the tip and spread the condom down the shaft slowly, putting it on the right way round and making sure there are no tears, rips or damage.


If a condom does break during foreplay or intercourse then ensure that you stop immediately and put on a fresh condom to guarantee safe sex for you and your partner.