5.   A Provocative Calendar

Remind your partner just how lucky they are with a provocative calendar featuring – you! For each month of the year, add a saucy picture of yourself in various sultry poses and make sure you’re always the one on their mind.


6.   Lingerie

Lingerie can be a great gift idea, provided you get it right! If you’re worried about choosing the wrong style or size, why not take your partner with you to pick up the perfect item? The shopping trip can act as a teaser and may be just as sensual and pleasurable as what you do with your purchase later.


7.   Toys for Him

If you’re buying for the man in your life, treat him to a few toys of his own. While you can get male vibrators to enhance his arousal and pleasure there are other options too. A cock ring, for example, can be stimulating for both parties when used correctly – a win-win gift for you both!


8.   Costumes

Take it to another level by giving your lover a sexy costume and exploring your sexual fantasies together. Picking up a seasonal babydoll for your special lady will add fun to the gift exchanging - what better way to celebrate the festive season?


9.   Body Paint

Bring out your partner’s artistic side with a range of sultry body paints. This is a present you can enjoy together and can even make up your own games with. Paint them on and then lick them off slowly for maximum pleasure.


10. Handcuffs

An oldie, but a goodie! Handcuffs will put a definite smile on your lovers face on Christmas morning. Combine with a blindfold and start to enhance your other senses as you explore and experience submissive and dominant roles.