Give a massage

Turn you and your partner on with a sensual massage to get your night going. Simply putting your hands on your partner's body could be all you need to get them aroused. Make it a relaxing evening by dimming the lights and adding some soft music to help create the perfect mood. Not only is this a great way to please your partner but it is a fun way of bringing the spark back into the bedroom.


Slip into something slinky

We all know that men are visual creatures and after a hard day at work, it's tempting to thrown on something comfortable. However, you must resist the temptation! Instead, reach for a satin or silk negligee and create a sensual night that the both of you will enjoy.


Explore a new place

Having a new place to visit and explore with your partner is a great way of spending time together while re-energizing your relationship. Whether you decide to visit a new place or want to try something unpredictable in a new town, going on an adventure with your partner can bring a sense of excitement and fun to your relationship while increasing intimacy and strengthen your bond.


Connect outside the bedroom

Whether you decide to snuggle in front of the TV or sneak passionate kisses in the kitchen, breaking out of your normal routine of intimacy in the bedroom can help reignite that spark while bringing some playfulness to your sex life. If you're feeling adventurous, try having sex in another room of your house or if you're looking for an even more exciting thrill, take your lovemaking outside. If having sex in public is too risky for you, why not book a room at that fancy hotel you've always wanted to stay in?


Try a sex toy

Using a sex toy in the bedroom can be fun while adding spice and variety to your normal bedroom routine. Show your partner how you would like to be teased and let creativity in the bedroom take control as you and your partner explore ways to make your sex life more exciting. Incorporate a sex toy toy to your night and help give you and your partner an endless adventure of orgasmic discovery.